MUSIC 2018

Hi everybody,

2018 is going to be another busy year.

I’ll be putting out my 21st LP called ‘Time Off For Good Behaviour’ and releasing a re-constructed version of my first LP Playing With Fire.

Look out for the 100th release from my Good Voodoo Music in March, aptly called The Big 100 EP. And look out for more releases from me and Tru Roots Project. There’s also going to be Deluxe Editions of some of my previous albums. Look out for ones of Beats Without Borders, Speaking in Tongues, Electric Juju, Rapture and Lightning as well as Back To My Future.

Also, I’m putting out a special compilation of my radio singles from the last 30 years (featuring another great photo from Kev Howard).

And finally, a bit of sad news. I’m putting the Good Voodoo Society on hiatus. I’ve taken that sound and style as far as I can (for now) but it’s not all bad news. I’m putting out a Deluxe Edition of the Loved Up Compilation which has some absolute crackers on it.


Keep loving, keep listening.

Much love,




MUSIC 2017

Yet again, it has been a great year for music. Releases from Good Voodoo Society, Tru Roots Project and Domineeky have been non-stop. Good Voodoo Music have over 80 releases in 7 years (and that’s not including LPs or compilations ).

But there is still much more to come.



After finishing the ‘Sweet’ album and working on my novel I decided that a change was in order. The last two activities are great creatively but they tend to involve just me so I felt the time was right to dust off one of my old projects that strayed away from the four to the floor and involved playing with other people in the same room. There is a particular kind of energy that you get from musicians playing in a room together. So here it is – Tru Roots Project. A number of fantastic musicians have been involved.
Expect tracks that your more likely to find under the Afro/Latin/Brazilian or Broken beat/Nu-Jazz sections of Traxsource.


Good Voodoo Music


It takes time to make an album that’s timeless and after the success of the last couple of releases in 2013 with I’ll Take You On and the Good Voodoo Miami EP, I wanted to come back strong with all guns blazing. I wanted to drop something that would be unexpected. So this is the result. An album called ‘Sweet’. It’s a disco LP in the loosest possible sense as I love the idea of experimental tracks next to big hitters and crowd pleasing anthems. Its out in six weeks and I think DJs are going to love it. I personally think that the track ‘Cabin Fever’ is the best house track I’ve done. There will be an accompanying release called Extra Sweet but more about that later.

Good Voodoo Music


GVM008 Good Voodoo Miami E.P

The eighth release on Good Voodoo Music comes in the run up to the madness of the Miami WMC and further shows the variety of styles that I deliver. From the ancestral house vibes of ‘Forefathers (Dance For Our Ancestors)’, the electro sensibilities of ‘We Are Gonna Make It’, the flute laden Brazilian influences on ‘Knock One Out’ and the stripped back meandering groove of ‘Sunrise and Rain’, I have deliberately gone for variety to showcase what comes out of Good Voodoo Music.
The last release on the label, Take You On, was a big success and included remixes from Pete Dafeet which were featured in Traxsource’s ‘Essential 20 Deep House’ and reached the top 50 in their sales chart. DJ support came from Tony Humphries, Danny Krivit, Master Kev, Nick Holder and several more. In fact there were over 100 DJs supporting it. I think this release will be just as successful.
This time there is support from more big hitters in the world of DJ-ing, including Crazy P, Blacksoul, Vincent Kwok, DJ Pope, Sean Smith, Distant People, Ian Carey, Vinny Da Vinci and many more as well as radio support from Push FM, SS Radio and many more as well as the release being featured on various blogs.

Good Voodoo Music